Prepaid 4G … myth or magic..


The journey I went through…

started off by mistakingly believing the complete bullshit that AT&T and T-Mobile are allowed to sling. Such as…

AT&T offers $65 prepaid smartphone accounts…

T-Mobile offers $50, $60, $70 prepaid smartphone accounts…

So you don’t have to go far to see these advertisements but what are they really saying…

AT&T only allows *certain* phones (Not iPhone, Not Infuse, Not … a lot)

T-Mobile allows all GSM phones only they down grade your super speedy sexy 4G phone to dialup ages of 2G/Edge (180 kilo bits per second, the first acoustic modem did 300 baud… so yea)

Alright enough misdirection since I’ll leave that up to both AT&T and T-Mobile:

  1. call up 611
  2. get frustrated by no drop to human on first level menu.. select option change plan… then the mythical ‘0’ drops you to a queue for a real live carbon based life form
  3. dial *#066#
  4. tell carbon based life form your imei number
  5. get your unlock code from carbon based life form
  6. dial #7465625*638*# {your unlock code}
  7. Bask in the glory of free enterprise (order a dirty martini)

Took about 20 minutes to get the phone unlocked from AT&T

Warning DO NOT do the following:

  1. Walk into a T-Mobile store
  2. Order the $60 unlimited plan (1st 2gig @ 4G speed… lol nice…)
  3. replace your at&t prepaid sim with t-mobile prepaid sim
  4. pay the $60

 Total time about another 20 minutes

So I have successfully obtained unlimited talk, text, data for my Samsung Infuse I997. Oh wait speed test … damn you mean i actually wanted a connection faster than morse code over string and dixie cups… Oh no you can’t do that with an unlocked phone from AT&T but if you would like to bend over and take $500 we can sell you your phone and it will work at 4G, will that be cash or credit?

No shit folks they actually uttered these words to me… so no biggie I just proceed to go home and *tinker*…

Voila other geeks have cracked/hacked/exploited and straight up sodomized the Samsung Infuse 4G with Jelly Bean, that’s right, get the latest OS from big evil company without a carrier lock. Okay I’m listening.. but wait it’s not 19.95 today it’s free! so punch in and witness in the marvel of other peoples work:

  1. Just follow the steps at:
  2. Shutdown after all the ROM updating
  3. Reinstall AT&T prepaid SIM
  4. Now you can drink that martini cause you are 4G prepaid – with the Infuse 4G phone!

Thank you AT&T and T-Mobile for challenging me to do your job for you.

Hope this helps others!